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Sexual Health for Seniors

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

In a fast paced ever changing world, how can we keep ourselves and our partners safe? In the blink of any eye a simple Coca-Cola went from costing a nickel to $2.00 and counting! How can we feel safe in a world that seems so insecure? Our Quality of Life HomeCare LTD. wants you to know there is a lot we can do to keep ourselves and our partners safe and it starts right here at home with us.

Reminiscent of the birds and the bees talk we had with our parents many years ago, we may encounter the same awkward feelings when speaking with our more mature loved ones about sexual health. Many seniors are sexually active well into their golden years and the health benefits reaped from doing so have been well documented. Yet, the stigma and taboo surrounding the subject still remains. It may be a child broaching the subject with a parent, a patient speaking with a caregiver at Our Quality of Life HomeCare LTD. or someone confiding in partner, or a doctor. No matter your role in any given situation remaining open minded will go a long way. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to choose between being right and being kind… be kind and you will always be right. We can communicate anything we need to say with love.

Rates of sexually transmitted disease are on the rise among young people. (What we don't hear about is they are also on the rise among our seniors.) Opening the discussion to this and other taboo subjects surrounding sexual health helps to remove the shame and stigma associated with it. For children and teens, we offer Sex Ed at school, organizations like planned parenthood routinely distribute leaflets and educational brochures regarding sexual health for adolescents. The bigger question is... Where are the resources for seniors? As a society we need to advocate not just for ourselves as an aging population but for our parents, grandparents (and sometimes great grandparents) as well as other senior loved ones. The first step is taking control of your own sexual health and the first line of defense is information, the second is protection. If you need support or additional resources Our Quality of Life HomeCare LTD. can assist you. Reach out to us by phone, email, social media or on our website for more information.

Your army is only as strong as it's weakest man. That sentiment comes into play when entering your battalion into the sexual war of the 2000’s. First, you need to know how strong your defenses actually are. It may feel embarrassing to even broach the subject, but to your doctor having a frank discussion regarding STDs & STIs (sexually transmitted disease & sexually transmitted infection… yes there is a difference) testing is a run of the mill occasion. Being informed about what your sexual health status is would be the best place to start. Getting tested is the first step, but getting treated if there is an issue is imperative. This is the most important thing we can do to keep ourselves and those we love (and hope to love) safe. If you require assistance attending doctors’ appointments or testing facilities Our Quality of Life HomeCare LTD. can make the necessary arrangements for you. Many easy to treat infections often go unresolved and unfortunately passed on simply because people are too embarrassed to seek help. Left untreated simple issues often resolved with antibiotics can lead to major health complications down the road. To ensure you give the best care available to yourself and those around you see your doctor regularly and give yourself permission to have that difficult conversation regarding your sexual health.

Once you've been given the green light from your health care provider to experiment responsibly, you may be wondering where to start. For seniors a lot may have changed since the last time one perused the wide world of contraceptives. From prophylactics to lubricant, it can be difficult to decipher which end is up in our weird wild world! The onus is squarely on us though to educate ourselves and the ones we love. Just like we inform our teenagers and young adults to the dangers of the internet so too should we inform each other about the perils of sex and its precarious evolution in society.

Sex is a beautiful expression of love between two people. It should not be shunned, nor hidden in the shadows or the deep recesses of the mind. It should be celebrated and hailed from the roof tops! Touch is one of… If not THE most important aspect of the human experience. How can the most powerful and influential experience be limited purely by a chronological number? As we age, we become more of ourselves. Shouldn't our sex lives reflect this simple fact? In closing, Our Quality of Life HomeCare LTD. would like you to remember, our golden years are a reflection of a heightened sense of self and in turn a heighten sense of sexuality. If you would like to open the door to discussion, obtain information for yourself or a loved one, or need assistance seeking the guidance of a healthcare professional we would love to help. Please contact us at (416) 247-7154 or email us at for more information.

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