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10 Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp in Your Senior Years!

Incorporating activities into your day that help keep your mind sharp can be beneficial at any age, but is particularly important in our senior years. Our Quality of Life HomeCare Ltd. has compiled a list of ways you and your loved ones can help ward off illnesses like Dementia and Alzheimer disease.

1) Include brain healthy foods in your diet such as salmon, green tea and blueberries. Avoid heavy foods like red meat, pasta and sugar, especially late at night.

2) Get plenty of sleep, incorporate meditation into your day or take a yoga class

3) Assemble puzzles or play games like Sudoku, Chess, Scrabble, crosswords and trivia

4) Listen to music or learn to play an instrument

5) Socialize with friends and family over tea or coffee, in person or on video chat

6) Go for walks in local parks and trails, explore nature in your own backyard

7) Take up gardening, try starting with a simple herb garden

8) Caring for a pet – Consider adoption, from goldfish to parakeet your new friend may be just around the corner

9) Take in a show, view a local gallery or museum. Exhibits generally change every 2-3 weeks

10) Journal the weeks events or start an online blog for family and friends

Bonus – Volunteer with a local charity group or church organization

Contact Our Quality of Life HomeCare Ltd. for more information on how we can assist you in keeping your brain sharp!

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