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The Challenges of Seniors Living with an Intellectual Disability

We often think of disabilities in relation to physical ability, however there is a wide range of differently abled individuals which make up our diverse community. Many seniors have a developmental or intellectual disability, this includes people of all cultural backgrounds and ability levels. Our Quality of Life HomeCare is committed to bringing awareness of seniors with intellectual disabilities through education, inclusion in the community and accessibility of services.

Intellectual disability is the impairment of cognitive function, characterized by impairment in adaptive functioning. Individuals experience difficulties carrying out daily activities such as communication, socialization, and independent living. Intellectual disabilities can be due to health problems, genetic conditions, environmental factors, and problems during pregnancy and birth. Five common types of intellectual disabilities include Autism, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, Fetal Alcohol syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome.

Individuals living with an intellectual disability are often overlooked, this can be especially true for seniors. The result can be lack of awareness of resources and assistance which may be available. Seniors with developmental or intellectual disabilities may be excluded from involvement in various community activities which may otherwise enrich their lives. Our Quality of Life HomeCare can offer information on how you can obtain support services for your loved one.

Some areas an individual with an intellectual disability may require assistance are:

· Reading & Writing Skills

· Bill Payments

· Household Budgeting

· Grocery Shopping

· Meal Planning

· Light Housekeeping

· Companionship

Skill level and ability varies among individuals, so respect and accommodation are key. Assisting someone in being independent and enabling them to do as much as possible is the best way to support and encourage growth. Ongoing support from Our Quality of Life HomeCare may improve functioning and enable a person with an intellectual disability to thrive throughout their senior years.

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