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Aging with Nature

Caring for our loved ones and keeping them safe has never been more challenging than it is today. The primary mission at Our Quality of Life HomeCare is to provide the tools and resources necessary to navigate the complex world of care. It may seem easy to avoid the obvious perils of everyday life, but what about hidden dangers? For example, the toxins lurking just below the surface in that bottle of moisturizer, cleverly concealed within it's white creamy texture. Or what about the difficult to pronounce chemicals which require a thorough google search to discover their origin?

At Our Quality of Life HomeCare we are committed to removing the confusion and uncertainty often associated with making safe, healthy lifestyle choices. One way to do that is by finding natural alternatives for the products we use everyday. A simple rule of thumb to follow when choosing personal care items is; do not put anything on your skin that you would not put in your mouth. There is a very simple but often overlooked reason for this. Lotions and topical products are absorbed through the protective barrier of the skin, eventually ending up in our blood stream. Therefore, if you do not know exactly what it's made from and it hasn't been prescribed by your doctor, then it probably should not be applied to your skin.

Would you be surprised if we told you there is one natural, inexpensive pantry item which has the potential to replace almost all your current personal care items? It’s safe to use for everyone in the family from babies to seniors. You may even have it in your home right now! Widely touted as a “superfood” the list of uses for one product has never been so long. If you find yourself worrying about what may happen if drugstore products fall into the hands of curious children, unsuspecting pets or vulnerable elderly family members, then it may be worth making the switch.

The answer you've been searching for is coconut oil! At Our Quality of Life HomeCare we are always on the lookout for ways to increase the comfort, health and safety of our clients. Some may already be familiar with this little gem but maybe not with it's versatility. Wouldn't life be easier if you could use one non toxic product for all your care needs? Maybe you’ve seen it on the shelf at the grocery store but perhaps were uncertain how to begin using it.

There is a myriad of evidence based health benefits available, backed by credible peer reviewed scientific studies of course. But you only have to use coconut oil once in your hair as conditioner or as a leave in treatment mask to see the results for yourself. From split ends to dry cracked heels, literally head to toe, it's the best moisturizer around. Safe for sensitive skin all over the body, it heals wounds from surgery, stretch marks, scars and more. To replace typical body lotion apply directly to skin, but for an added boost try applying to damp skin right from the shower. If you’re pressed for time or energy add a tablespoon to a warm bath and let the water do the work. Our Quality of Life HomeCare would like to ensure everyone remains safe so please be careful when adding to bath water as tub surface may become slippery.

Most of us are aware of coconut oils more popular uses such as cooking and baking. Known for it's high smoke point and healthy medium chain triglycerides, it has long been a fan favourite among foodies. We would like to take a moment to delve into some of the lesser known uses. A great natural eye make-up remover, a non-toxic alternative to sunscreen, a pliable hair gel and a reliable frizz ease serum, just to name a few! A spoonful of coconut oil held in the mouth and swished around for 15-30 minutes is an activity known as oil pulling. This simple technique improves health by gently removing toxins and heavy metals from the body. A happy byproduct is that it also whitens and remineralizes tooth decay! If you can't comfortably hold the oil in your mouth for an extended period of time feel free to swish it around and use as a replacement for typical mouthwash.

An unexpected way to introduce coconut oil into your diet is by adding it to smoothies, tea or simply take a teaspoon orally. Some of us here at Our Quality of Life HomeCare even use it as a butter substitute when baking! When ingested, coconut oil creates monolaurin in the body which may have the ability to kill pathogens including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Recent studies suggest it may even boost brain function and therefore could have positive effects on Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, heart disease and many other conditions.

At Our Quality of Life HomeCare we recommend using the purest form of coconut oil which is organic, whole kernel, cold pressed, raw/virgin (unrefined). If it is not available, exceeds budget or if you do not like the typical scent and flavour of coconut you can try the refined coconut oil. An inexpensive metal pump top will come in handy for distribution and fits any standard mason jar. But an empty plastic soap dispenser from the dollar store will work just as well! Keeping it close to a heat source (not too close of course) or on a window sill in the sun will keep it from solidifying. If your house is on the cooler side try keeping it in a small jar or container with a screw top lid. Rub a small amount between your palms to warm and soften before application. Consistency will not change the benefits of use, you can expect coconut oil to routinely phase between a solid and a liquid with no ill effects.

Whether it's assisting with topical application or a friendly reminder to add coconut oil to the grocery list during our weekly shopping trip Our Quality of Life HomeCare is here to provide you with as much or as little assistance as you need providing care for yourself or a loved one.

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